1. It Promotes Flirting Because Messages Don’t Last Forever

Sometimes it’s hard to just DM someone for the fear of rejection or just shyness. It’s easier to shoot your shot when the messages don’t last forever and you can just move on with your life if it doesn’t work out.

2. DM’ing on Snapchat is Less Formal Than Any Other App

The ability to comment on video and photos is more fluid and less formal, prompting more conversation. You can give quick lighthearted, witty comments here and there, which can create a rapport- because as the name implies SnapCHAT encourages messaging others. This is the biggest difference between Twitter and what IG used to be, because sliding in the DMs wasn’t encouraged, which usually meant you were taking a risk or really were putting yourself out there.

3. You Can Get Raunchy Because Photo or Video Messages Can Only Be Viewed 2x

Infinite is what scares most from sending sexy messages that they feel in the moment. The possibility for it to be shared or just the prospect of someone having a condemning photo for eternity is enough for a person to say, “I can show you better in person”. The statement technological blue balls were conceived from. Now there’s a time limit on the sexy.

4. No Screenshotting for Cornballs Out There

You’re notified when the other person breaks the trust and tries to screenshot. Now if your sending unsolicited peen pics you should be screenshotted and blasted across cyber space, that’s what cornballs and weirdos do. However, if you are just being normal and trying to shoot your shot like a gentleman, a lady wouldn’t put you out there on front street- she would either kindly accept or reject your advances.

5. SUNK Swag: Have The Person You’re Dating Create an Uncensored Snapchat for You and Only for You

Quite possibly one of the best ideas I’ve had in my freaky adult life. I was dating a woman that was turned on by instruction and tasks, so I thought to myself why not create somewhat of a fantasy world for her and I, where only we lived. It made it possible for her to send me the most x-rated of photos and videos because they wouldn’t live forever, as well as it was surprise because I was no longer soliciting the interactions. I’d just be scrolling and see the name or symbols I’d given her and a snap specifically for me. Some vids/pics were her dressed scantily, traveling, maybe a book she  was reading at the time or even just videos of her playing in the nude. Regardless, at what video it was at any particular time- it was immersive for us both.

Has Snapchat improved or hindered dating and meeting new people? Have you ever met someone from Snapchat? How did it turn out? Are you opposed to people sliding into your DMs?

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