Dear theSUNK,

I like giving head…..pause, I like giving HIM head.

Since the first time we hooked up I had no doubt that he was a freak, and not just a regular freak…a SUPER freak and that was just what I needed. I went over to his place extremely blown that I was on my period *rolls eyes* but fuck it. I needed some him and after the way he made me cum last time, I was ready to give him the most premium of BJ’s.

Ugh, I was so so so horny just being around him and the second he grabbed my neck and kissed me I was ready to slob all over his big knob.

I kissed him back and started grabbing on his meat. It was hard enough to slice bricks and I was hungry for it. I took it out of his pants and admired his length, thickness and that curve that knows how to hit all my spots eye to eye (or eye to dick in this case).

I put it in my mouth and started out slow, I was moaning on it cause it tasted so good, so fresh. I started to go faster and use my hand looking up at him. He was staring back at me with those big round eyes and jeez I loved seeing him from this angle. The whole time he thought I was some innocent shorty that had no clue what to do with the pipe, so I had to show him how much of a freak hoe I could be for him. I stuffed all his inches in my mouth, knowing that my gag reflex couldn’t start if my throat was full *inserts smirky face* He LOVED that.

I love the way he talks shit to me so I knew this would make him go crazy , “Hell yeah put it all in your mouth….spit on it….shit you feel so good…..oOOoo I like the way you suck that…” I was getting even more turned on. I guess he knew what I liked so he grabbed a fist full of my fro and pushed deeper into my mouth while I was already balls deep. I held him there in complete satisfaction, knowing that I could do that and decided I didn’t need air to breathe,I’mma treat this dick like its the only sustenance I ever needed.

Hearing him moan and say that I felt so good, just made me wanna keep sucking till I couldn’t no more. After a minute of throat shots, I had to show some love to his balls. I put the right one in my mouth and gave some intense tongue action, he was damn near shaking at this point. I put them both in my mouth while stroking his length with my hand. He was loving it and I was loving watching him shake under my spell. By this point, his dick and balls were covered in my slob, I find a messy BJ only adds to the fun. (Typically this is where I’d get some of the spit on my fingers and use it to work my own clit magic but *side eyes Aunt Flow*).

I switched up going fast and slow, then to using 1 hand then 2 to show him how dedicated I was to making him feel real REAL good.

I put one hand around his thigh, allowing me to get real comfortable and lay down between his legs.I pulled that BBC towards me and adored how big, veiny, and jumpy it was for me.  As I put it back in my mouth he began making it jump in my mouth, I liked that.

So in my sexy voice I asked “Baby how’s that feel?” In his manliest of grunts/moans **so hot** he told me it felt real good.

So I continued, smacking on that dick, spinning my tongue in circles, deep throating that mothafucka to the best of my abilities.” I’m keep going till you ready baby”. I deepthroated it about 3 times while using my tongue to press that big vein on the bottom of his D. I felt that volcano about to erupt and knew that this was really my time to show the fuck out.

Instantly I began going faster using my right hand to jerk him off, my left to grab those balls, and moaning while trying suck the life out of him. He said “Damn baby I’m already thinking about the next time you’re going to give me head.” I giggled and went back to praising his dick, I was real eager to taste his juice. With lot of suction, I deepthroated him again and felt him erupt in my throat, I backed up off it and he was still shooting. I put my mouth back on it, sucked every evidence of his juice away, and kept sucking, after all what’s a good workout without a good cool down.

*looks down* Sh*t, I guess I gotta change panties again.

His Underestimated Lil Freak

All entries are quoted from real women that like to give real head. That is the beauty in this series, if you want to share your experiences anonymously here at Be aware that content is explicit. This series was made to understand and defend my claim that women like to give oral.

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