You Get the Truth

Men lie to their girlfriends all the time, but a woman that he views as an equal, he’ll give the truth to. Firstly, he knows you can handle the truth and secondly as equals you knowing the truth is actually a benefit to you guys as a whole.  It also shows that he doesn’t want to run the risk of you finding out information from other sources, that’s complete transparency. He wants you to be the first person he addresses issues with and for you guys to tackle things head on.

Make Decisions Together

Once you get the truth and the facts are laid out there. You both have an equal say in the decisions you make for each others’ future. He confides in you for your tutelage. You actively collaborate to garner equal success- it’s a team effort. One person’s opinion is no greater than the others and they are both heavily considered.

He Respects You

You’ve dated him before, he chased and he always treated you like you were beautiful. However, he never took you very serious or respected your worth. There was limits to his respect. He didn’t view you as a peer, you were almost like an accessory. But a man that views you as his partner would never make you a trophy- he would make you his game-plan, his secret weapon, his game footage to success. Everyone wants true unequivocal respect from someone they see mutual success with, this is why you want to be a partner.

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