Earlier this week I looked in the pantry and wanted to come up with something fulfilling, colorful + healthy, and this is what I came up with. This something good to for brunch, a little wine or champagne would be great with this too.

Ingredients- Prep Time 5 min, Cook Time 20 mins
A Bag of Mixed Greens
One Egg
Balsamic Vinegar, Honey, and Squeeze of Lemon Juice

So the first thing you do is cook your sausage. Some sausage is different but with this one I had to fry them in the pan first, then boil them with a bit of water for about 10-15 mins. The thing I love about sausage is that you can rarely overcook them,. The crispier the skin to me the better. Onto the greens

Take some butter or coconut oil and begin to saute your onion, until it becomes brown or a bit translucent. Next you add your mixed greens and saute very quickly, try to avoid wilting them too much- 1 minute of cooking should do. Then add your honey and balsamic vinegar to the greens. The honey and vinegar will give the dish a sweet and sour taste. While the sausage and mixed greens lend a more savory and smokey profile.

Next, cook a sunny side up egg. I suggest seasoning the hell of this egg; add some olive oil, parsley, paprika, cayenne and heavily salt it. Why do this? Because when you break the yolk and it runs it will be a vehicle, delivering a buttery and lush sauce for the rest of the dish.

Finally, plate your mixed greens with diced strawberries and crushed cashews(I forgot to crush mine+adds a textural note), put down your sausage and lastly your sunny side up egg. Cook this and I’m sure your boo will be impressed.

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