In recent months I’ve received two messages on what a woman should say while giving head, read the messages below. It might be from the same person, if so, she’s very eager and intuitive- I like that. Send in your own questions to my email (creative @ or anonymously here:

“Hey there…I read your post about things NOT to do during oral and you ended by saying you should talk. I’ve been wondering if I should talk to him while I’m giving him head, but I don’t want to sound corny. Can you give me some pointers? It may help to know that while we spend a lot of time together, we are not in a committed relationship so I don’t want to say some shit that would be fucked up…”

“Hey there can you give some tips on what to say when you are giving your man head. I want to tell him how much I love his dick and love to feel it in my mouth. Even though it is true it seems awkward and contrived. He loves when I go down on him and I feel certain he would appreciate the soundtrack, but I’m scared!”

Tell Him You Want to Please Him

Do all the stuff you learned. But also do what he asks. You can asks him what he likes to and perform accordingly. Talk about how you what him to relax and how you want to make him feel as good as possible. Also make sure to let him know that you aren’t rushing and you’re here for the long haul.

Tell Him How Good He Tastes

Every man wants to know that he tastes good in your mouth. Hopefully, you are a good decision maker and choose well-kept, clean, healthy men so that there is no reason that this doesn’t apply to your situation. Describe the skin, the precum, the balls, and the nut. Be as descriptive as possible.

Tell Him How Much You Enjoy Him in Your Mouth

We know that you enjoy when we taste you. We know you enjoy when we are inside of you. But let us know exactly how much you love us inside of your mouth. Again description f how it feels and how you feel also area good place to start. Also pleasure yourself while you do it to let us know that you are enjoying this to the fullest too.

BONUS: Mumble Nasty Things with a Full Mouth

I told a friend I would be writing this and she said, Should I even be talking if my mouth is full? *smiles and laughs*… What a great point. My answer to that is mumble on the d*ck it really doesn’t even matter what you say. It’s so many things happening that turns us on when you do it. It sounds nasty, we can feel the vibration, you look enthusiastic, and we can barely hear what you’re saying and could care less. Mumbling with your mouth full of us, turns us on like no other. Speak with your mouth full.

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