Dear theSUNK,

My face in his furry crotch.
I rub my nose, brows, cheekbones over his dick and balls.
Enjoying his coolness and masculine gaminess.
Kissing and licking,
I bath him in my watering mouth.
He grows heavy on my tongue.
His girth cuts off my air.
I bow and bob a hundred times.
My throat opens wider,
he powers himself past my slobbery mouth further into my body.
Over and over until he shoots thick hot milk down my throat.

Ms. Bob and Please

All entries are quoted from real women that like to give real head. That is the beauty in this series, if you want to share your experiences anonymously click here or hit up my email Be aware that content is explicit. This series was made to understand and defend my claim that women like to give oral.

One Response to The Fellatio Diaries: Women Like to Give Oral Entry XVII

  1. Sehqua says:

    Amen!! Ms Bob And Please.

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