For all the party-goers and DC socialites this might be the next party app that you should keep your eye on, Thumm. Every time I go out I fear wasting my time and wishing that I’d stayed home instead. Get the inside scoop to the events you’ve heard about in realtime. Stop worrying about calling your friends for the move that night and check out Thumm:

Thumm is a live events based mobile application. At Thumm, we offer users a unique experience by finding live events based on your location. With the help of an active chat platform, and social media feed of the hashtagged event, users are able to receive an accurate review on the live event. Worried if the reviews won’t be accurate? Thumm answers this question by only allowing the users to ‘Thumm In’ and ‘Thumm Out’ of an event is they are within a five-mile radius to increase the accuracy of the reviews. While at the event or after, the user is able to rate it by ‘Thumming’ Up or Down.

The creative idea of Thumm originated from going to an event and finding out it wasn’t worth attending. That’s why Thumm is different from Foursquare, contends Co-founder Julian Washington. Foursquare only helps you find the places to go with friends. Before Thumm, there wasn’t a mobile app that provided live reviews from social media, live reviews from users that were actually at the event, while increasing the dialogue amongst people with shared similar interests. Thumm answers all those missing factors.

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