Even though this seafood stew was delicious, exquisite, and not to mention somewhat expensive- it was simple. It only took me about 45 mins to make. I made this dish on the night of Walking Dead’s season finale which was a special occasion for me. Who knew my food would be more entertaining than TWD finale though? But nonetheless, let me tell you how to whip this up.


Red Fingerling Potatoes
Fresh Limes
Chicken Stock
Coconut Milk
Heavy Cream

1. First brown garlic in a large pot. Then pour in a carton of chicken stock and coconut milk along with heavy cream, and throw in red fingerling potatoes which should be cut into quarters.

2. Next, in a separate skillet on medium-to high heat saute your scallops(seasoned with salt and pepper) until they are a nice golden brown on each side but not completely cooked through.

3. Then with a clean skillet, cook your shrimp the same way without cooking completely.

4. Wait about 15 mins allowing the scallops and shrimp to rest and by now your red potatoes should be soft still simmering in your chicken stock/heavy cream/garlic mixture.

5. Next add freshly diced cilantro and your lobster tails to the simmering stew.

6. Once the lobster is nearly cooked turn off the heat and add your other seafood(the resting scallops and shrimp), with a fresh squeeze of lime.

7. Remove the lobster tails and take them out of their shells. It’s up to you if you want to cut it into smaller pieces or leave them whole.

Simple right. But the seafood is the star of this dish, whoever you cook this for is going to feel appreciated and comforted.

If you like sexipes, try them out on your own and don’t hesitate to send in your own recipes.

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