I hate waiting for her to come get me.
I spend the entire time thinking about how bad I want her, how I crave her lips brushing against my clitoris creating a divine masterpiece with my womanly fervor.
DAMN she makes me so wet with desire!

My attire is intentional.
Designed to get me exactly what I want.
The way I purposely wear my ripped jeans to allure her with my thick caramel thighs, wear my chucks because I know she loves seeing me in a relaxed state, my fresh twist out because she adores me with a natural mane, and lastly a denim shirt with snaps(mostly for me) so she can rip it open drunken with passion yearning for what’s underneath.

I want her.
There was never a time I didn’t since the moment I saw her, and tonight I was going to have her.
Speaking of her… She’s late, as always when I’m most excited to see her.
She finally arrives and now she can take me to her place so we can have our way with each other.
When we got there to my surprise we weren’t alone, the amount of frustration I felt was impossible to put in words.
You see I’m a very enthusiastic lover and she loves making me scream her name; she loves taking her time with me and the company that was intruding, she wouldn’t allow it.
I came with a plan and I was going to see it through…

I grabbed her and kissed her passionately grinding my body against hers, I could feel her getting weak but she was resisting.
She didn’t think I could be quiet, I didn’t think I could either but I HAD to have her.
I took my pants off and climbed on top of her.
I was determined to prove to her I could take it and not go beyond these walls.
I ripped my shirt open so she could see the new black lace panties and bra she bought me.
Her hands caressed the curves like she was exploring them for the first time.

I started to grind my pussy against hers, I could feel her through my panties.
I started rubbing my clit while grinding uncontrollably against her jogging pants.
She let out slight moans, she could feel me too. I was turning her on.
My pussy got wetter and I started rubbing my drenched pussy faster while I thrust my hips with hers.
Everything in me wanted to cry out, my nipples so hard I could feel the draft through the lace.
I’m panting, falling short of breath and words while her hands firmly grip my ass forcing me to grind my hips harder into hers making my pussy clinch so tightly, I want to scream!

“Sssshhh don’t scream” she whispers, she could tell it was coming.
All I can say is “I’m trying” with a loss of breath.
Oh my God I’m about to cum, “cum for me baby” she says softly.
I’m almost there, my pussy is ready to erupt in my hands, “I’m cumming” I say in a whispered gasp for air.
I rub faster and grind harder, my clitoris still swelling.
“Yes, Yes, YES!” I whisper.
I lay on top of her burying my face in her neck quietly releasing moans of pure ecstasy while seductively grinding my body against hers with a fistful of her locks in my hand.
She was going to feel this nut transcend from my body to hers.
The sexual beast is awakened and she wants more.

-author Marine Mami
photo credit: Juan Stevens, Funk Brother J

3 Responses to A Night with Her: My First and My Last

  1. ellen says:

    i was masterbating along while reading, in the end, i got an orgasim. THANKS!

  2. Doll says:

    I’m a single black women who loves to read SH!T like dis about 2 women and i have been wit another woman before and i loved it and by me reading dis i got off real good cause i haven’t been wit a man in over 6 months cause I’m waiting patiently on GOD to send him to me but until then….plz continue to please me like dis….Thanks!!

  3. samuel says:

    are u sure?

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