I’ve been seeing my guy for seven months. I have grown to absolutely LOVE sucking his d*ck. I’ve definitely done it in the past, but I didn’t particularly like it. I am truly feeling this man, so perhaps that is the reason for the enthusiasm. My question is this — I have begun letting him f*ck my mouth. I love it. He loves it. Nothing has changed in the way we interact, if anything we are closer. But is this a bad move if I want to be taken seriously?

Hey, I’m glad you reached out to theSUNK. See this is a tough pickle. Your man has begun f*cking your face and your wondering, “hey, does he still adore me like he used to?” My answer is “yes”, I don’t think it stops a guy from respecting you or taken you less seriously. The main reason being that it’s just the natural progression of sex and you said “if anything we are closer.” Who knew? A good face pounding could be the answer to bringing two people together emotionally?

If I was him, I’d probably just be on the thrill of a lifetime. If he did anything to overtly offend you, like say something crazy or hurt you, then I would consider he respecting you less. But for now it seems like you guys are in the clear.

So ladies, do you think the more sexually open you become with your partner the less he respects? Have you ever experienced this? What was the act that brought about the change? 

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  1. Ahmina says:

    Hi, I sent this question in and I truly appreciate you answering. I tend to agree it just seems to be a natural progression in a relationship. I trust him. I feel safe emotionally/physically. I love him. I know that we have to ability to stay in our head so much we miss living. Women must struggle with what is socially accpetable. What is too much? What is enough? It’s a delicate balance. This is the most satisfying relationship I have been in and I think it is simply because I finally get “letting it flow”. I enjoy our time together. I ride on that high and everything else has seemed to settle in nicely. Thanks so much for your perspective!

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