So I recently had sex with my ex and we’ve known each other for 12+ years I always go down him no questions asked, this time he told me that I was the best and I’ve always been the only girl that could ever make him cum (with my mouth) … Not sure why this bothers me but it does. When he said it I responded sarcastically with “what an accomplishment” not sure if I should be glad or mad only because I do love him and don’t want to be known as “the one with the good head” Should I be this offended?

First of all, thanks for the question. I’m always down to give some MackVice, I can always be contacted at theSUNK@ymail.com or on Tumblr. But onto the MackVice.

If I’m looking at this from your standpoint I can definitely find this insensitive or a turn-off. No woman that has known a man for 12+ years just wants to be known as the best head-giver. Because if you’re still sleeping with him, obviously he means alot to you. You guys were having sex and vulgar things can be said during such an act. I think your ex just failed to relaize that saying such a thing would not be appreciated, unless you asked. Also not many women that I know want to be compared to any other woman while their giving some immaculant head.

Next time, tell him if he want’s more of that accomplished head to STFU and just enjoy. No one needs a loose lip mood killer, especially during ex sex.

I would appreciate you and never ruin the mood.

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  1. Monnie says:

    He does mean a lot to me, but instantly ruined my mood and his “compliment” was not appreciated at all. He was my first I did it to and maybe thats why it feels good to him cause I enjoy only doing it to him but I just want to be more then the best head its irritating but I guess I need to get over it or him! :( Thanks for responding

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