Cook some brown stew chicken and have the fragrance of tenderness, love and care engulf your house. Whoever you’re with will cherish you after they eat a bowl of this. I’ve never lied to you before and I’m not about to start now. Below is the sexipe for ‘Shawty is a Red-Bone Brown Stew Chicken’:

Chicken Breasts(or whatever cut of chicken you prefer, usually thigh meat is best)
Chicken Stock
Soy Sauce
Brown Sugar
Coconut Milk
Yellow, Green, and/or Orange Pepper
Few Gloves of Garlic
Habanero Pepper
Salt & Pepper
Olive oil
Brown Rice

First make a marinade for your chicken breasts. This marinade should consist of salt, pepper, paprika, coconut milk, lime zest, lime juice, and brown sugar. Let your chicken marinade for about 30 minutes to an hour.

After the chicken has marinated, grab your crock pot, drizzle some olive oil and heat it up to medium-high heat. Sear the chicken for about 2 mins on each side. This browning process is essential to add that extra depth of flavor. Then take out the chicken add more olive oil, then add your diced onions, sliced yellow peppers and tomatoes cut into quarters. Cook until your onions are translucent. Then add your chicken stock and coconut milk-bring it to a boil. Finally add your chicken breasts into the stew. Add one whole Habanero pepper and some of fresh chopped ginger.

Give the stew a good stir. Then let it simmer for a good 30-45 mins. Watch your favorite television show and come back to some tender, aromatic a** chicken.

Once you take the lid off add a little flour to thicken the sauce, some brown sugar to give it a slight sweetness, and some Thyme to take the depth of flavor to the next mothaf*ckin’ level. Hopefully, you didn’t forget the rice…

There you have it… Shawty is a Red Bone Brown Stew. I call it this because traditional Brown Stew is darker with the browning liquid and ketchup added to it. But I dare to be different, don’t you?

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