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This may be a silly question but I’ll ask anyway. Can p***y ever be too wet for a guy? Even though I love it, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t want a lot of foreplay because I know I’ll be super soaked. For me it’s as if I’m so wet I can’t get enough friction on the D. I’ll start doing kegels (juicing) to help, but that only always seems to make the dude cum faster. I know wet is better than dry but can the pushee be too gushy for a guy?

First off, thanks for sending in your question and letting me share a little MackVice. But my answer is HELL NO. There’s no such thing as having p*ssy that’s too wet. The wetter the better. I once dating a chick who would get so wet, that a string of cum would just dangle from her p*ssy during foreplay, if she was in an upright position. I always knew when she was ready. Whenever she was in my bedroom she was like a moist slug leaving a trail of horny secretion behind her.

There’s truly only two reasons p*ssy could be considered too wet: he’s not big enough for you or you guys are using rubbers.

See when he’s big enough, the width and girth will create the proper friction no matter how wet you are. When you’re working with a well-endowed cat you usually need all the help your p*ssy can get, so it doesn’t get abused.

Secondly, when using rubbers sometimes it can be counterproductive to be too wet because the barriers makes it even more slippery and you both lose sensation. However, I am advocating in no way, shape, nor form that you not use rubbers. Just strap up. Try to create more friction during safe-sex by taking away some of the wetness with a towel. Wipe every once and awhile throughout sex. Or you can try a position that requires a lot of wetness and causes friction like more grinding or straddle like movements. If he cums too quickly get the first nut out of him quick, then let round 2 be all about you.

If any of my readers need MackVice ask away. What do you guys think?

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  1. KayBee says:

    I’ve also had this problem of getting too wet and there just wasn’t enough going on for me to feel good with my bf’s dick then we stopped using condoms( its been a while) and I just thought sex was so much better because of the fact that it was raw, not realizing that perhaps it was the condoms hindering my enjoyment. Needless to say, even without the condoms a young wipe of my vagina does the trick when I’m too wet ( getting over the initial awkwardness was hard but you know what, where both adults and c’mon, we love sex). Dammit man why do you speak so much sense.

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