There are just certain things that every black woman should know how to cook, while buttnaked wearing her sexiest heels. Here’s your list, print it out, go, and prosper:

1. Homemade Mac’ n Cheese

not runny, nice and thick

2. Meatloaf with Mash Potatoes and Gravy(Homemade)

a hearty meal for a hard working man, hopefully you have one

3. A Good Steak

I generally think it’s the man’s responsibility to cook the steak, but f*ck it you can learn

4. Smothered Chicken

get your booty licked when you make this right

5. Good Fluffly Grits, Eggs, and/or Rice

breakfast isn’t complete without them

6. Homemade Chicken Soup

What if he or the kids get sick?

7. Spaghetti and Meatballs

a family classic… here’s my Meatball sexipe

8. Cornbread, Not That Jiffy Mix Sh!t

when your milk sours, you have cornbread

9. Decent Tacos

black people love tacos

10. Fried Chicken or Fish

forget women- every black man, woman, and child should have this downpacked

11. Beef Stew

it’s cold outside

12. Greens or Cabbage

the perfect side-dish. My Cabbage sexipe

13. Be Able to Devine and Clean Shrimp

no one like’s sh*tty shrimp

14. Crab Legs

have fun getting messy and cracking those open

15. Pancakes or Waffles

after that nightcap

16. Some Go-to Dessert(that’s homemeade and requires measuring, mixing, and baking)

real b*tches can bake

17. Chicken Salad

Pack his a** some lunch

18. Lasagna (the G is silent)

hopefully you knew that

19. Any Ethnic Dish Outside of African American

So you’se a cultured chick? Curry chicken can get you over every time

20. A Burger

nothing beats a good burger

21. Salmon Croquette

with some rice and string beans, shiiiiiiiiiiiit

22. Break Down a Whole Chicken/Turkey

this is just impressive

23. Banana Pudding

enough said

24. Make a Sauce from Scratch(BBQ, Tartar, etc.)

sometimes store-bought sauces are just boring

25. Oven-Baked BBQ Dish

no grill, no problem

-Do you guys have any suggestions? Do you remember ‘Sexipes’, should I start these back up?


8 Responses to 25 Things Every Black Woman Should Know How to Cook

  1. FlyyLibrarian says:

    This list is too long. Lol

  2. deonne thomas says:

    Turkey necks and gravy, stuffed bell peppers (new orleans style), fried fish, potato salad and red beans&rice

  3. Diana Harmon says:

    I love decided u should make more

  4. shar says:

    I got morec than half of this list down for sure. Lol

  5. Turk Dickerson says:

    I can do all these for myself, AND THEN SOME.

    Half of the women I’ve dated could burn water while boiling it.

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