Ex games is the mental warfare that exes embark upon when we break-up with one another. Some admit to doing it and others are less forthcoming with such behavior.

We say I don’t care about you seeing someone else,
                I don’t care about you being with someone else,
I’m over it.

We make plans to see the person we’re over,
We pretend, we pretend that the chemistry has died,
We attempt to leave but we stay.
We mess around and act as if it won’t lead anywhere, it does.
We try to reject the inevitable.
We f*ck, sometimes we even make love.
We believe that we can separate the emotions from the sex,
Because we’ve always had great sex.

Whispers of “I want you inside of me” become whimpers of regret.
Clothes taken off in fury, become stained with the bitterness of anguish.

We don’t know why we went there, but the trip was beautiful.
The ride was wondrous.
The destination is exactly where we knew we’d end up.
But reality awaited us.
Who knew we’d lose ourselves in the comfort of the one we loved.

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  1. Rob Poe says:

    Real talk! I like the poetic emphasis of this one.

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