Dear theSUNK,

I can’t explain the joy I feel when a penis touches the back of my throat.
The rush that travels down my spine, instantaneously unleashing the damn that contains the river in my vagina, when a dick forces through my lips.
Wrapping my tongue around his smooth head. Licking it slowly, from the middle of my tongue until its curl up at the tip.
I get infinite satisfaction as I lock my eyes with his, toot my ass high up in the air, and guide his dick deeper and deeper into my throat.
When he entangles his fingers into my hair, pushing my head down and filling me with more of his sweet meat, ecstasy takes over me.
I speed up and start to get a little sloppy. Painting that dick with saliva as if it was my canvas and I am the artist.
I slow it down while leading him to the finish line. I know at this point, this man is all mines. When he comes, I have him right where I need him. He has indulged in my temptation. He has surrendered to my reign. I have the power.
If you don’t give head, you’ll never understand your power as a woman. You’ll never understand the strength you have. The rush you’ll get from making his toes curl. The mischievous grin that will come across your face when he throws his head back and starts speaking the language of sexual pleasure.
I can make my man moan.
I can make my man shake.
Upon my knees, I can bring my man to his.
I can make my man cum so viciously that he’s in a temporary state of paralysis.
I can suck my man to sleep and revive him with the same pleasure in the morning.
I can. You can. Any woman can.
Ms. Oral-phrodite

Don’t think of it as swallowing semen, think of it as a reward for of all your hard work ūüėČ

All entries are quoted from real women that like to give real head. That is the beauty in this series, if you want to share your experiences anonymously click here or hit up my email thesunk@ymail.com. Be aware that content is explicit. This series was made to understand and defend my claim that women like to give oral.
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    Love This

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    Love this! !!!

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