Give your man or ol’ lady a treat. What’s sexier than cooking spicy or Caribbean food with a myriad of flavors and scents. Once your boo walks in the house they will be overwhelmed by the simmering curry chicken, the fragrance of moist and light coconut rice, and the earthiness of boiling cabbage. Make love to their senses and the rest will follow. Below is the recipe for Curry Chicken Marinated in Coconut Milk:

Chicken Thighs
Chicken Stock
Curry Paste(Thai cuisine inspired)
Curry Powder(spicy)
Coconut Milk
Few Gloves of Garlic
Salt & Pepper

First, marinade your chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings (dark meat) in coconut milk and curry powder for a few hours or however long you would like. I chose the dark meat because it has a little more flavor and variety than chicken breasts. 

Once the chicken is done marinating, take them out of the coconut milk bath and season them with salt, pepper, paprika, and more curry powder.

Next, sauté your fresh ingredients such as the garlic and diced onion. Once your onions have browned and become translucent add your chicken. Saute this until the chicken has browned and has gained a nice crust; you’re simply looking to brown not to thoroughly cook the chicken at this moment.

After the chicken has browned pour in some chicken stock, a generous amount of coconut milk, and a few spoonfuls of curry paste. The chicken should be somewhat submerged in the liquid because this is when you will throw in your diced ginger(fragrance/sweetness) and allow the chicken to simmer for a good 25 to 30 minutes.

Finally after your chicken has simmered taste the broth or curry sauce to see if it is seasoned to your liking, if not curry powder or curry paste is your best friend. Allowing the chicken to simmer should’ve made the chicken extremely tender…falling right off the bone, if not simmer longer. Once the chicken is done, garnish with some fresh lime zest and juice. Enjoy.

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  1. please keep me posted with these sexy recipes i love love to cook and bake

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