Some women have sex and pray that the guy never asks them to ride. Or others get on top and make complete and utter fools of themselves. They say things like, “I’ve never really ridden before” or “I don’t want to embarrass myself, I’m not that good at riding.” Women are out here claiming to be bad b*tches in the bedroom or claim to be intimidating, but don’t even know how to ride dick; that’s just baffling to me. So this blog is for the women that were so scared of disappointing their significant other that they’ve been avoiding riding dick altogether…TheSUNK wants you to be the best, that’s why today we will lay down the foundation for good dick riding skills for the inner equestrian every woman harbors. Here’s “Don’t Ride Dick Good…Ride Dick Well”…

Don’t Give a F*ck, Try and Practice
Do not fear the d*ck or the man attached to the d*ck. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself. You can’t get better at something if you’re scared to fail. When you tell someone you haven’t done something before, that statement should then be accompanied by you trying. You don’t say you haven’t done something and continue not to do it; without trying you’ll never learn. Find a reasonable and understanding partner. If you say “I want to practice riding your dick?”, surely he’ll be over there in no time to assist you.

Please Yourself First, Please Him Second
Men don’t have a problem with you hopping on the d*ck and doing what you do. If your objective is to make yourself cum hard, do it. Do all that nasty sh!t you do in your room when nobody’s watching. Don’t think of your partner when you first get on top, think of him as inanimate object that was sent directly to you from God as solely for your pleasure and that his is secondary up until that point.However once you get to that point learn what pleases him. Who knows you might actually like what he likes and can start killing two birds(freaks) with one stone(move). Some men complain about women that get on top only to please themselves and that’s just selfish; if you want to be a skilled rider you have to learn how to do both. To help out with that here is a few basic techniques below:
Riding Techniques: 
a. Grind
For the most part women like to grind, stimulating their clit and p*ssy at the same time until they achieve orgasm. Grinding consists of rubbing your body against his with minimal range of motion, but usually a lot of force. Some men never bus from grinding because men usually need friction in order to bus for the most part. Men need to be stroked to achieve orgasm, which grinding can limit.
b. Bounce
Bouncing on the d!ck makes you the maneater that you claim to be. When you take a man and f^ck the nut out of him. Women that bounce on the d!ck usually know exactly what they’re doing and they ride with purpose. There not afraid to damage there insides. Bouncing on the d*ck gives a man that medium to fast pace friction that he needs to cum.
c. Juice(Squeeze and Pull)
Some women don’t know about juicing, but just think about grinding for a second. Grinding is the rubbing of two surfaces to cause friction. However, juicing is when you squeeze and pull away from him to cause the friction. It’s basically like you’re trying to squeeze and ring him out. When you juice mentally picture you trying to take his d*ck from him. Squeeze his girth and watch the facial expressions he has; also juicing usually is done better in the reverse cowgirl position.

Most Men Love When You Face the Other Way and Ride- You Should Too
When you face the other way, it’s like giving him and yourself privacy even though you’re having sex. You can make all the goofy, nasty facial expression you want. You can play with your clit, while he massages your ass. Or you can fantasize about someone else. It’s just better suited for two people to please one another, yet have the privacy they want while having sex as weird as that may sound.
Disclaimer:  Breast-men usually like you to face them, but that’s up to your discretion.


F*ck Him Back
Women say, “When I get on top, he manhandles me and just likes to take over.” Well next time don’t let him manhandle you and f*ck him back. Make it a competition to make him bus before you do. Have fun and don’t be intimated by the man underneath you. But if it’s that much of an issue tell him to let you lead or put his hands behind his head and make him keep them there.

Thou Shall Not Let the Dick Slip Out
Does size matter? Yes it does. With that being said, once you see his package it’s up to you to never let the d*ck slip out. The most talented riders can keep the d*ck still inside no matter how big or small and it’s because they have complete control over their bodies/abilities.

Is riding your Achilles heel? Have you ever felt embarrassed when you got on top? Did you get better? What advice could you offer other women about riding better? Did this post miss anything? Did you take a look at the videos below? 
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42 Responses to Don’t Ride D*ck Good…Ride D*ck Well: How to Ride Dick

  1. Candi says:

    Always a joy to read!!

    LMAO @ Juicing… seems I had a flashback or 2 while reading this. Loved it!

    “Thou shall not let the dick slip out”… while turning around to position yourself in the cowgirl position. LOL!!

    One thing I hate is, the dick slipping out at ANY point. It’s like breaking all means of communication from Mars to Earth. *(taps head of dick)testing, testing… is this thing working*

  2. @Candi you’re a fool. But you got to keep it inside when you turn around. Every woman needs to know how to juice properly, that’s a big deal.

    • annonymous says:

      i need more explanation on the juicing in reverse cowgirl. I’m married and bored and looking to improve myself in the bedroom in hopes he will follow suit and get creative with me. Ugh, lazy ass.

      • Lisa says:

        Ladies….do your Keigel excersizes!!(sp) train those pussy muscles. …then you won’t need to ask what juicing is….sheesh….and stop calling yourself fat and lazy….no wonder you suck on top! I’ve been from thin to fat and back and never had an issue with riding a pretty cock…I figure if he doesn’t like what he saw, he wouldn’t be there looking. Plus I am so totally getting mine first….maybe second….and if he can hang in there, I’m good for more. The juicing thing is nice for him but it takes a lot of concentration from me….so think of it like a blowjob…’s a gift that it’s fun to give but you’re probably going to have to work at it and you’re probably not busting your nut while giving it….but it’ll pay off. Think squeeze with your vaginal muscles like you have to pee…then pull your body away from his and release the squeeze as you come back down….repeat. but really….try different ways of riding. I like a few variations of the reverse like you start out in doggie and then move down and back until he’s kneeling (careful of those balls) and I’m kneeling with my knees outside of his….my thigh muscles aren’t strong but this position gives me power and depth control..however, Don’t take sex so seriously…. it should be fun and you are allowed to laugh if you fall off the bed or fart/queef or suddenly realize that there’s a pair of panties stuck around one of your ankles and his big toe. Im sure I’ve never had sex with anyone and then had them leave out of boredom….mostly they’ve left cause I said they had to.. I’m not a ten, I’m not young….I am pretty and fun….just like most women… Articles about how to do this that or the other are subjective. Want to be a better lover? Ask your lover what feels good to them…..or try things and then open your fool mouth and ask

    • maci says:

      What is juicing

  3. Im not gon lie i needed that juicing info

  4. Im says:

    im not gonna lie, i love to ride and i do get selfish… you are right SUNK… grinding is my main objective at the time.. im grinding to get mine… yall stroking to hopefully help me get mine but to definately get yours so its all fair… now my review of your vidoes

    she was grinding like crazy with a little bounce in between for good measure… you say that dudes will be all yea “hell yea” but in my experience how it looks and what makes yall wanna grab hips & ass & take over is two different things.. all that grinding would have just turned it into what happened in the last video, chicks hips being held tight while dude broke his lower back sending his shit up… it happens every time… things are all good in the hood.. grinding & juicing and shit and BAM dude decides it gotta go this way… as for reverse cowgirl that shit is a set up.. your leaned back holding yourself up.. you get no clitoral stimulation at all and you don’t have the leverage to control the speed or depth… hell if you try to move his hands your ass just might fall… mess around.. lol
    its all good tho… everyone gets theirs in the end 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    that’s good advice one thing that helps for bouncing is squat your right leg up and work it that way (I’m right handed maybe the left leg if you’re left handed) much better motion that way.juicing I’ve never heard put that way actually I’ve always done it like squeezing when they push in and not out I wonder if that makes a difference?I’ve definitely felt like an idiot once or twice riding cuz like if I didn’t know them real well I mean if it was the first or second time we ever had sex and they’re looking in your face and shit idk it’s a little nerve wracking like lemme put my porn face on

  6. @Tyralyn Jones gone try that out and get back to me.

    @Im Glad you checked out the videos as well. There’s nothing wrong with grinding, just gotta make sure you do the d!ck some good bidding after your done.

    @Anon 10/21 2pm- Sometimes it is hard to look someone in the face during the 1st or 2nd time, that’s why its always good to get to know the person and address taboo issues. Even talk during the ordeal

  7. kat rina says:

    great article. lovely videos

  8. Sunshine says:

    i used to be nervous to ride but now i like it. definitely one of my top positions, i just hop on it now and do me and sometimes forget he’s even there. get up on my feet on my knees either way. lol throw my hands in my hair and close my eyes and get on my way.

    I just hate when a guy tries to take over when im on top. especially when i get in my own world and then they interrupt and start acting like we’re on some damn roller coaster ride poppin up and down. smh SLOW DOWN.. we’re gonna get there! I knew about the ‘juicing’ but never knew that there was a name. and i really didnt know that we control the dick staying in… i always get upset when it comes out. i guess thats something i gotta work on.
    love these posts by the way:)

  9. @Sunshine I blog so much you know I’ve done it in a computer chair before. Mine doesnt have wheels tho lol

  10. Queen Kitty says:

    Good article, it’s nice to hear a man give women advice on how to. Whenever I ask “What do you like” (real sexy like a genie or a geisha of course) they always say, “What you’re doing, just don’t stop.” I feel like it’s a cop out but I keep it moving. Another good move is squatting on the dick rather than riding. You’re still on top and you’re still bouncing but you can use your whole legs rather than just your inner thigh and bum. Bum popping is a good way to go too. Lay on him and twerk. This way your thighs get a rest, you get that whole body touching thing we love, we get the clitoral stimulation and he still gets the bounce sensation. Lastly, I suggest laying down in the reverse cowgirl and bum popping as well. The twerk movement will give bounce AND you can hold the testies against your clit for nice and soft stimulation. Cheerio!

  11. mindf#@ker says:

    Juicing…cute i like that term. Its a simple act that if done right pleases both the man and the woman because it draws the dick in deeper and engages all parts of the pussy. Its like rapid fire touch and go…delicious!!! It is a squeeze, suck, release motion while bouncing preferably but once you get it down pact it is an all inner pussy function. It takes practice so pay attention to your body when you orgasm this is when juicing happens involuntarily. To perform…..slide down on the dick, squeeze as you are coming up off the dick, relax as the head is almost exposed, squeeze again while you slide down gradually squeezing tighter, relax, squeeze at once, grind it into your deepest region, squeeze up, relax, repeat. It takes practice but it will drive you both crazy it can be.performed from any position. Best drive him crazy positions to do it from are while on your stomach and while riding him. xoxoxo

    • Jessica says:

      I just recently learned how to ride..he shows me exactly what he likes… first I was embarrassed but now I ride with a passion .’.added my own hip movement to

  12. noname says:

    Doesn’t it become uncomfortable when fat girls ride?!

  13. Deliprincess says:

    I don’t understand what you mean exactly by “juicing” please go into alot more detail. Thank you!!!!

  14. Kiana says:

    These were really great tips especially the juicing but is there like certain stroke patterns or different ways to move your hips to make it more pleasurable? Because I feel like bouncing up and down gets boring. I want to be able to do something fun and freaky while riding ontop other than just facing the opposite way yet bouncing up and down.

    • TheSUNK says:

      Hey thanks for the comment. A few different ways to move are-
      1. Winding your hips
      2. Straddling back and forth
      3. Thrust your p*ssy towards the d*ck.

  15. Anon says:

    Loved this article lol….the chick in the first video inspired me lolol…sheesh, I have to download that and study!

  16. Belle Meansbeautiful says:

    Never (and I mean NEVER) have to ask another woman how to please YOUR own man. Asking for pointers I can see , but damn near asking another woman to walk u through step by step is not cool. There is too much info at your finger tips !

  17. Candice says:

    Great article funny and informative! I used yours as a reference while trying to come up with ideas for my own! good stuff!

  18. DetriotChick says:

    I have never rode a guy before? My boyfriend has been hinting about it, but my nerves are terrible about it. I really wanna get on top… can i approach this without being corny. I know my pussy and head game is on point, but i wanna satisfy him in every way so that i am all he desires, PLZ HELP

  19. Poo-chie says:

    Nothing’s more sexually empowering than being able to please your mind while riding…. I imagine I was initially shy about it, but I was also naive and shy about sex in general. Everyone starts out as a Rookie, so in an effort to improve we must try new things and perfect it. Backwards Cowgirl is my favorite, but then I don’t struggle climaxing with solely penile stimulation. It wasn’t always that way for me, but I welcome new challenges and experiences, especially those that will trigger “O’s”.

    Ladies you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. Initially my man helped me, but that’s more similar to him taking over. Work on your legs, do some squats, run, bike, etc… Get those legs stronger to handle taking over. As far as juicing goes, I’ve never heard it called that. I assume it’s more like performing keegels (squeezing vagina tight) during sex; which is always a MUST, IMO.

    Ladies, enjoy the ride.

    I really enjoyed the post.

  20. XXX says:


  21. Naya says:

    I needed this. I’m now dealing with a man with a huge penis that wants me to ride. I’m not great at it and I told him. I asked him to train me. He said he would love to. I’m better at reverse cowgirl but I have big breasts so I have to do it the normal way. :( I love to learn and I’m sure he’ll love teaching me how to please him. It’s my purpose when we have sex. If I don’t please him, I feel horrible.

  22. Theroy says:

    I’ll be using the juicing one thanks for the tip haha

  23. brianna says:

    Personally, i always start by riding his dick. & i guess you could say i “bounce”. my boyfriend is the only guy ive had sex with. I like when he takes control sometimes, other times i prefer to. He never pulls out & likes to buwt in me & i can get him to bust very quickly. but he likes to flip me under him and get on top of my and put my legs over his shoulders, and i absaloutley love it, more intimate and i feel like were closer. Plus when he’s about to bust he goes as deep as he can & lets it go in me.. riding dick isnt hard, its just wanting to know that youre doing it correctly. I like to mix things up. sex in new places, new positions. Im only 17 so clearly i aint your first class freak yet, but i tell you this, my boyfriend can get it anywhere any time & he hasnt needes any from anyone else. i make surw my man is satisfied (;

  24. Meg says:

    I LOVE this post… is my DILEMMA though: My ex and I broke up for one year and during that time I had a short lived sexual relationship with a man that taught me how to ride dick and I got so much better at it. Now I’m back with the ex and he knows about the relationship but how soon can I show off my new skills? I love him and we are taking things slow and haven’t had sex yet but when the time comes I don’t want to hurt his feelings or make him wonder? I don’t know maybe I’m reading too much into things….

  25. kells says:

    For the longest time i always hated getting on top, i felt like i was never gonna get. But you’re right, all that practice made perfect. I compete alot, i learned on my own how to grip and squeeze and it feels good. I mastered the reverse cow girl real good. I can make most men cum easly in that position. I just wanna say thanks for the helpful advice, you also mentioned techniques that i havent tried yet but will soon.

  26. M says:

    Just wanted to saythanks. I used these ppointers yesterday and my first time with my new guy was great. While riding I made him come in just a couple minites. I was so nervous before finding this site. Thanks again!

  27. Kandy says:

    OK I started having sex with my boyfriend. Well I kinda took his virginity and he’s smaller then other guys I’ve been with and it’s a bit harder for me to keep it in while riding I get flustered and I make him finish off and I feel bad cause I’ve hurt him the first time we tried that together. My ex was the first guy I did that with and it was amazing for both onus and I’m afraid Im not going to give my current boyfriend that same experience. Can I get some help please?

  28. Jade Bowman says:

    Good advice

  29. Glorivee says:

    I need to learn more skill on how to ride him am a big plus size girl but trust me I need to learn more

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