Ugly Girls Doing Pretty Girl Things

Chances are if you’re ugly you know it. Unless of course you have two wonderful parents that showered you with copious amounts of praise and compliments as a youth, in this case you may have not been aware. There are also ugly girls that don’t know they’re ugly because some men will approach anything with a vagina, further widening the gap between ugly girls that act accordingly and pretty girl offenders(which are ugly girls that do pretty girl things). TheSUNK is here to restore the balance between ugly girls and pretty girls, due to increasingly ugly women doing things only reserved for those women that are 7’s and better. Here’s Ugly Girls Doing Pretty Girl Things:

Giving Out Fake Names
Only bad chicks, career criminals, and rappers should be giving out fake names. How disrespectful is it for an ugly chick to give out a fake name like someone is checking for her? There is a point in time where an unattractive woman should just be happy you’ve held a conversation with her. Giving out fake aliases like you’re Megan Good but your face is No Good is just wrong. Get over yourself and stop playing yourself.

Being Rude to Men That Approach You
Two words of advice for ugly women that still have men approach them is- be thankful. Having a nasty attitude and being facially challenged is a sure recipe for not only disaster but loneliness. Have you ever heard a girl describe an ugly chick with a beautiful personality? It goes something like this…”So how yo friend look?” “Well, she;s alright… like she gets men.” “She alright, what does that mean?” “Well, she ain’t no Beyonce but she has a wonderful personality.” As soon as a man hears “beautiful personality” its time to abort mission. But could you imagine if you were ugly and didn’t have a beautiful personality; you wouldn’t even have a friend to lie on your behalf to get a guy.

Posting numerous amounts of pics via internet
Stop it. You’re just increasing the possibility of becoming a never-ending joke on one of three networks- Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. TheSUNK doesn’t want that for you. Just take one pic that gives you the benefit of the doubt and upload it to all of your social network accounts. Once you do that don’t ever, ever ever, change it for any reason.

Want the Finest Man
Why do ugly chicks always want Idris Elba or Denzel? Being ugly and thinking you deserve the finest man, is like being lazy and thinking you deserve life greatest riches. Sh!t just doesn’t work like that. Same goes for ugly guys wanting the baddest chick. Real recognize real. Fine recognize fine and well…ugly recognize ugly. It’s just the way the game goes- learn the rules.

Thinking You Have the Upperhand in the Courting Process
Trying to get chased and pursued, but you looking like a bowl of “what-the-f^ck”. Naw you forfeit the right to be giving the upperhand when a guy courts you. You two have officially become equals. Trying to go out in public, naw son home cooked meals and SVU marathons.

Being Wack in Bed
If you’re ugly you need to be a social deviant in bed, the anti-Christ in the sack, the fucking bomb…I’m talking Hiroshima. Considering that it even gets that far- that’s your edge over the competition. The myth is that ugly chicks actually do f^ck better, which makes guys get over the fact that they slept with a woman that could possibly scare the sh!t out of people yearly, aside from the Halloween season. TheSUNK can neither confirm or deny this myth.

So say you are the best he’s ever had, please don’t expect him to want to cuddle; ugly chicks don’t get that privilege. Besides he probably has a girlfriend he needs to get back to. Just let him leave and get your beauty rest or whatever you guys(ugly chicks) call it.

Disclaimer: If you were offended this was just meant to be a joke. If you thought this was funny, than you are a heartless bastard.

What do you think about ugly girls that are delusional to how they look? How do you determine if someone or you are ugly; by public opinion, what your friends say…Have you ever dated an ugly guy/girl? Is beauty really skin deep? 
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  1. I guess I’m a heartless bastard.

  2. @Laurence Whitney sometimes it’s like that *throws hands in the air*

  3. Present (( heartless bastard)

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