Fat Girl Lovin’- 6 Reasons Why Sex with a Fat Girl is Better

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Today, we’re not going to refer to fat girls as BBW, more-to-love, big girls, plus sized or any of that other sh!t that people other than fat girls deem more politically correct. I f*cking love fat girls. Those proportional fat girls with tanks asses that change the course of the Earth’s path around the Sun. Titties so heavy they make bras straps weep on the regular with the groove marks on the shoulders to prove it. Soft, warm and glowing…Flirtatious and freaky than a mothafucka, my d!ck gets hard just thinking about a fat chick I can worship. Here’s Fat Girl Lovin’- 6 Reasons Why Sex with a Fat Girl is Better:

Fat Girls are Simply Just Sexy

You can’t keep your hands off a sexy fat girl. Men like women that are soft to the touch, not too firm. Fat girls are a fit man’s complete antithesis; a man should be firm and solid, but a woman should be soft and plush. F*cking a big woman from the front and digging into her warm marshmallowy insides is what life is all about. Afterwards, it’s impossible to sleep next to a sexy fat girl and not cling onto her, and have nothing but sweet dreams.

Every Man Wants to Manhandle a Fat Girl

Men love the challenge. Any average sized d!ck can pound a normal sized woman. But it takes skill and talent to manhandle a fat girl. Fat girl sex is usually passionate, sweaty, and raunchy. Every position requires a few more inches or a little more effort, but if you slanging that pipe by the yard it’s no problem. Personally, I like to raise one leg up and beat that p*ssy til she taps out or grind out that missionary until she baptizes(squirts) all over the bed.

Fat Girls are Forbidden
Society has ideals of what attractive looks like and if you break out of this norm than you’re supposedly making a huge mistake. I say “f*ck that”, if fat girl lovin’ is wrong than being right just ain’t fun enough. Ain’t nothing like walking around a fat chicks’ crib and f*cking her each and every way. Or just chilling with her and discovering some new sexy roll that beckons to be caressed. A man would be a fool to let all that ass go to waste. Only a simp would let other people control what his d!ck truly desires.

Fat Girl Head
For me it’s not a myth. I used to think that was bullsh!t, but some of the best head I’ve ever had was from a fat girl or two. Maybe it was just these two(not a threesome, two separate occasions) but they were magnificent. One’s head was sloppy, sensual, passionate, loud, and just…Man, I miss her. The other sucked me for an hour straight, switching techniques, playing with her p*ssy, massaging my balls; she was down for the cause. Some fat women say the “fat girl head” is a degrading stereotype. If you want to view this as a degrading stereotype you can, but I bask in the “black men have big d!cks” stereotype every time I see the opposite race.
Fat Girl = Fat Pussy
Men love fat p*ssies… See any size woman can possess fat p*ssy though; skinny girls and thick girls. But with fat girls the chances of that p*ssy being fat and gushy is 98.374895%. It’s nothing like seeing your d!ck getting lost inside of the woman your f*cking. I let a big girl get on top and grind on my d!ck til I’m hitting every nook and cranny in that p*ssy. You gotta let her get on top and juice you.

Fat Girl’s are Comfortable with Their Bodies
But if she isn’t, a real man enjoys taking his time to make her feel comfortable and sexy. However, there’s a myth that fat girls are insecure, everyone has insecurities. To the contrary, the fat women I know are outgoing, caring, witty, and sexy. Most of them have better self-esteem than women you would never imagine to be insecure, but fat girls(or women in genere commend attention. If you bumped into a fat girl with swag and allure then the chase and the sex will usually be fantastic.

Are there any other reasons fat chicks hold it down in the bedroom? Have you heard of men loving fat girls? If you are fat, what’s the biggest compliment you hear men give you? 
Shout Out to Linda of AFatGirlBlues (my internet crush on the low).
As well as one of my other readers Katrina, that brought the topic to my attention.

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74 Responses to Fat Girl Lovin’- 6 Reasons Why Sex with a Fat Girl is Better

    • frank says:

      there is no other female i would rather have either over me or under me,69 is really enjoyable more so when i am slurping a female that weighs around 185-190,her snatch is delicios,it just is so succulent,even better if she leaves her pubic hair alone.if shes into a guy doing it from behind.then the real fun begins,the gentle pumping in her baby hole is very enjoyable as well

  1. Anonymous says:

    One of my male friends told me he dont fuck with slim chicks cuz they cant take the dick. From my experience most men who love fat chicks are non American. Most of the guys I’ve dated were West Indian (Jamaican, Trinidadian, Haitian etc) or African. Most men compliment my thick but toned legs.

    • Irishcrunku says:

      I don’t knk about the non American men but i’m 100% American 200% Male & love, Love, LOVE me a thick fat woman there’s nothin better when it comes to sexy desire & uncompar when it comes to sex. . . She’s fat not desperate so she’s not out to prove shyt skinny chicks pucci (excuse me) drys out quickly a BBW Gawwwwd Daayuum soaking wet from start to finish & right into round 2, 3, 4, 5 you get the idea. . . So give me a BBW, FAT, PHAT, THICK, BUBBLE BUTT, WUTEVA U WANNA CALL HER ANY TIME. . . KEEP THEM SKINNY CHICKS. .

  2. <3 this post, it shows that society is foolish. I embrace every curve and roll God gave me and my hips damn, you gotta love’em. Some guys fear that sex with a fat girl would cause them to be emasculated; they take our size as domination. But, that’s all the fun shut me up and show me who’s boss! DUH!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fat girl representa!! Never insecure alwayz confident (:

  4. @Anon8/2 8:12PM Idk as far as my experience, skinny chicks take the d!ck better than fat or thick chicks. It might just depend on the girl. But I know them African and Jamaican brothas love them a big girl.

  5. @Denisha’s Winning Emasculate….sheeiit. I take a big girl to the dungeon and feed her d!ck til she overdoses. And you ain’t lived until you’ve had a big or thick woman ride your face.

  6. As a fat girl, I can say for sure if you get lost in my freaky,nasty neighborhood without proper supervision well then crush,crush,crush…maneater supreme…

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was told I’m like cocaine!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes this speaks truth ain’t nothing like a big girl even if men don’t wanna admit it the always one mess with one fat girl in their life

  9. @Aeisha Beaufort Getting Lost in a nasty and freaky neighborhood doesn’t sound bad at all

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. @TheSunk/TheHallway (This is Denisha Winning) Well I guess there are plenty guys out there who haven’t lived yet. Most plus-sized women I know are the BIGGEST freaks; I mean bonafide BedroomBully’s. Who wouldn’t want that? The real men out there know exactly where it’s and whomever is blessed to come get what I got (sighs) let’s just say they ALWAYS come back

  12. @Denisha Campbell Why did you sigh? Lol

  13. Trish says:

    How does the saying go bigger is always better .. I’d rather have the curves of a curves of a coke bottle than the shape of a of a juice box. I <3 this post cause u showing there isn’t nothing to be afraid about . A lot more cushion wouldn’t hurt at all .. Idc I don’t think guys should feel emasculated because a woman is a woman period point blank. & also if they wanna feel emasculated (no offense to my slim things) feel tht way when u tryna go balls deep & u could still see ur dick lol. Now wit a big chick u not seeing anything give u tht xtra confidence knowin u all the way in there . Jus saying . Plus I feel we way more adventurous because we have a point to prove.

  14. @TheSunk/TheHallway Lol, the sigh goes both in a boastful and a bad way. You know when people let go the sigh of confidence, yeah that and then the sigh of ughhh because when you think someone worth it than they turn out to be the absolute worst you ever had, you cant help to think about someone else who could of been blessed with the opportunity and have it be worth it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    @theSunk (1st anonymous poster) we follow each other on twitter and I honestly thought u didn’t like fat girls. Silly me. Anywho Ur right it depends on the chick. I’m very proud to see my poem/short story posted in fellatio diaries. Fan of the Blog. Keep it up.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well I Strongly Dislike this because your telling me the sex is better with Fat Bitches????? Fuck No I think that shyt is nasty unless they are clean and at least has a cute face. That’s like saying sex with Fat Men is good FUCK No…..Please DOn’t give these Fat Bitches a reason to act up

    • Munchy Weight says:

      You said sex with fat bitches is nasty…have you tried it?
      You said “Sex with Fat Men is good. Fuck No!” Have you tried that?
      So with what you wrote, you are telling me sex w/ smelly skinny fugly bitches is delicious–so if you are right, then I definitely want to be wrong. So peace be with you.

  17. Anon 9/6 6:22PM Damn baby you sounding real salty, take some of that negativity out your life.

  18. @Anon 9/6 12:28AM You might as well say your name, email me, or use twitter handle, because I cant follow the clues and what not

  19. Im says:

    this post makes me smile… i swear men come in two versions.. those that sing the praises of big girls and those that secretly fuck with them… i’m glad you enjoy your time with the plumper ladies… carry on good sir…

    i am a fat girl.. the compliment i get the most is i have a pretty face and for the men that get to sample my gushy i get that i am really fun in bed…

  20. @Im Pretty face and fun in bed sounds promising. Im glad you enjoyed the post

  21. Anonymous says:

    I think all men love them a fat girl. Most of the guys I’ve ever been with have been athletic guys with nice bodies.Fat girls are amazing!

  22. *snorts*…this was hilarious. guess i shouldnt try and lose any more weight. lol

  23. @MochaPeach As long as your comfortable and sexy men dig that. By looking at your videos, you seem comfortable with your sexuality.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thick yes, fat, gross. Thick brings the perfect balance. FYI: the woman in the picture is fa sho thick, not fat.

    • Munchy Weight says:

      You said “Fat, gross!” Have you tasted? If you did, you should have enjoyed the ride; but if you think skinny is beauty or deliciousness, then go for it…limit your chances of minimizing or eliminating loneliness…because people that talk like you are nothing but unhappy, bitter, self-absorbed ass#*&^ with no mates or lives at one point or another in their lives or suck at sex.

  25. kat rina says:

    Hey Bebe, Love it! Interesting that not too many men commented though. To each his own, but the most important thing you said was only an idiot (or something like that)would let other men dictate what their dick wants. I dare any nucca reading to deny letting something fat and fly; hair, skin, scent, shoe game and ASS right, walk by without them staring and drooling. Cut it out!

  26. Anonymous says:

    So true i stay showin out, especailly at my hbcu. its a school about appearance everybody watchin everybody and i must say when i show out attention stay at stand!!!#SSU

  27. Anonymous says:

    Kudos for this post… I’m slim but I think it’s good to celebrate all body types but I dislike the the myth about fat pu**y being predominant amongst bigger girls or a girl’s size dictating the quality of the sex… or her ability to take Dick and slim girls aren’t soft etc ..I’m slim, toned but still soft with curves in the right places, a fat p*, I can take & give it, etc. I just think it shouldn’t be about “this kind of girl is better than that one” but more about “this is why this kind of girl should be appreciated”… because in my experience the skinny is beautiful idea is more whites/asians/indians and blacks tend to bash girls for not being their idea of thick…it’s just something to consider…And again..much respect for this article and I follow you on twitter too… :)

  28. I love this post…definitely giving me some ideas for my blog to discuss….


  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m a dude and I’m gonna have sex with my first fat girl this week hopefully, definitely can’t wait. At first It was kind of a secret fantasy of mine and it was like you said at first I was thinking I’m gonna get shit for this but then I thought you know what f*ck it It’s what I want so why not go hard and enjoy. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m glad to see other people that think the same

  30. @Anon 12/15 Yeah man, go ahead and do your thang. Enjoy yourself.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Big gul might turn ya ass out. Lmao.

  32. Irishcrunku says:

    I have gotta say this cuz this goes out to all us guys who will proudly stand up & say i love Fat women or BBW’s. To all you guys out here who say I’ll never f*ck a fat chick or I fucked a fat chick but i was drunk as hell when i did it U can’t blame it on the Alcohol like Jamie Fox cuz all the alcohol did was make u drop all ur lil bytch defenses that u hold up while ur wit ur guys cuz deep down u’ve always wanted to kno what it wuz like to f*ck a fat chick & now that u have u want MORE but u scared to be a MAN & say it was the BEST u ever had. . . Once you go FAT YOU’RE HOOKED deal wit it. . . I’ll take them 20 – 68 fat fluffy & f*cking

  33. Jim L Warren says:

    Me as well like my wife

  34. Saeid Saeidi says:

    I like fat girl (moj_sky66@yahoo.com).

  35. Singh says:

    I am east indian and I am a sucker for chubby chicks. My gf has a cuuute face and oh so luscious titties, just the right amount of chub on her waist and her butt…omg…i spank her butt so much when having sex, my bedrooms like Dr Dre’s recording studio.

    Wet as hell and she’s kinky as hell. A real woman. Everyday I wake up I find myself spooning her.

  36. Mjane says:

    Yuk fuck that!

  37. sex_lover says:

    I just looooove fat girls.. I myself am a thin guy and I love fat girls.. I have absolutely no hangup s when it comes to sex and body types..There is nothing better than touching their soft n plump bodies and feel like you are in a place thousand times better than heaven. I have not had a lot of sex.. :( and I have not had sex with a fat woman but it’s my extremely intense desire and fantasy to make love with a fat girl all day.. How I’d love to grind her and stick my fingers in her pussy and feel awesome.. Would love to give her a cunnilingus too, make her squirt. Yum..
    I say that society is misguiding everyone about sex n lust. We are going completely opposite.. We need to be more open minded and do new things..

  38. Is God creation so who are we to gudge them.they are not bad.

  39. Jerry Thomas says:

    ♏Ɣ Bя̩̥̊�Ø̲̣̣̥s pls delete ds pix.dnt ask me y,cos U̶̲̥̅̊ kw y.

  40. Muse Williom says:

    me I like to fuck fatwoman.

  41. I really like a fat thick woman…ibrahlule@gmail. com

  42. Donald Buck says:

    This right here is hilariously written

  43. Indian_chick says:

    I have a pretty face. But everty time it’s like oh you have a pretty face BUT you’re fat. (And I’m size 16).
    I’m 16years old.
    I think our society have developed up a view that only skinny and thin people are defined as attractive. Because of which thick girls feel inferior. They develop a low self esteem and shit. Even I was one of them. But ever since last year I have accepted myself and have started loving myself and it feels great!!
    Now I’m just waiting for a man to enter my life and accepts me the way I am :)

    And dude your post is amazing 😉

    • tabin says:

      You’ll find the guy who knows that you are the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen. Except no less. Be proud and happy with yourself and know that you deserve a great guy. I think my wife is absolutely sexy and she leaves me breathless every time. She is not small … And I DONT CARE! keep an eye out- you’ll get him :)

    • Brenden says:

      I’m sure you’ll find that someone. To be honest, I wish it was me. I love fat girls and I desire their attention and love. I just want more, and that’s exactly what they provide. I love feeling a plump girl and her feeling great about herself. I know a lot of thin guys like myself that would indulge a fat girl any day. You’re beautiful just the way you are, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope you’ll find that man in your life. If you do, he’ll surely be a lucky man.

  44. tarun says:

    I m here for u

  45. tabin says:

    I married a big girl and love it!!! Wouldn’t have her any other way. Its more for me to see and love. And the sex IS great 😀

  46. babyboo says:

    I notice that men who like big women usually have a lot to offer 😉

  47. Bernie says:

    Brother you hit the nail on the head nothing turns me on more then to see my 4 foot 11 inch 250 pound wife walking/laying around are house buck ass naked

  48. lovesembig says:

    IIIIIIIIII like big buts and I can not lie all you other brothers can deny

  49. Samuel says:

    I love fat girls cos they are big and very good on beg, they are juicy, good to hold in any position and sexy. more so their pussy is sweet and reliable.

  50. Samuel says:

    Am so proud of fat girls, i love them so much.

  51. The Spider says:

    I can’t agree more. I had my first experience with a fat girl last night and it was amazing. Everything you said is true . . . gave head like I never experienced before, beautiful soft pussy that swallowed me whole and up for anything. Nothing better than fat woman who’s confident about her body and desirability . . .

  52. axle says:

    big girls , i love you so much! hit me up at snake22689@gmail.com 😉

  53. anon says:

    so lets review…

    fit girls, guys love…

    thick girls, guys love…

    fat girls, guys love…

    obese girls, guys love…

    if a guy doesn’t love huge gals he ainta man and has a small dick

    ok got that part… now on the other side…

    shredded godlike 8 hrs in the gym guys, girls love

    average guys, some girls can tolerate

    skinny guys, other girls can tolerate

    fat guys are repulsive and all women hate… better get a stack of porn

    a real woman knows she can demand a flawless godlike guy because she is a queen regardless of her size

    but its MEN that are more superficial right?

  54. Brit says:

    The statement “it’s usually the guys that aren’t American that love fat girls” I’m a living witness that this statement is a BOLD FACE LIE. I’m 21-years-old a plus sized black woman who has been approached ,harassed, and dated a handful of men. But only 3 of them weren’t American. That’s because I was wasn’t in America at the time they approached me. American men (especially tall, fit, muscular, Athletic men) LOVE them a big girl. Either they secretly insecure undercover got love for us, or willing to show the world and flaunt her to everybody. American dudes got love for us too.

  55. Fatlover says:

    In all my life, so far, I have dated two thin women and all of the rest were very fat. I married a fat woman and would never date a thin woman again. As a thin man I love fat women the fatter the better.

  56. Stan says:

    I’ve been dating a big woman for about 8 months now. She’s 6 inches taller and probably about 80 to 100lbs heavier than me. When we first started seeing each other, I was sure that I’d probably fall into her pussy when we finally gave in and had sex. The contrary was true. Additionally, this woman has a sensitivity over nearly her entire body that is spectacular. Touching her breasts will bring her to almost instant gratification. Sucking on, or licking her ears, neck, fingers, toes makes her go crazy. Biting/nibling her almost anywhere on her body sends her into neverland in an instant. I’ve never been with anyone who can experience so many orgasms, and such pure ecstasy in such a short time. Also, she is not easily given any skin irritation with all this action so you can keep on going indefinitely. Did I mention how tight her pussy was…….. Wow, I’ve never had such a tight and wonderful cunt wrapped around my cock. Never felt such absolute abandon and pleasure when I cum with her. When my cock is inside her, she is wild with orgasmic pleasure and often cums 3 or 4, even more times. I haven’t tried this yet, but I would love to have her ride me; to feel her body against and on top of me. I want to have her reverse cowgirl on me while I finger her ass and see what that brings. Her hygiene is exceptional, and her pussy, feet, ass, and any other part of her body tastes devine. She is tough, adventurous, sometimes sultry and sexy, and always willing to please me in any way she can. Wow!! yep. big woman can indeed be marvelous to behold and experience. I don’t know how I will ever do without her. She’s 20 years my junior, and who knows how long this will last, but I’m not letting it go that easy.

  57. Lauren says:

    I’m a plus size girl I’m 25 I have tons of confidence I know how to please my men anyway they require n couple things on that list I know are true from experience and I’ve been told that i am a wild crazy animal in the bedroom and I’m great in bed cause in very flexible

  58. Mapercent says:

    Listen,all my life I’ve settled for skinny gold diggers who always wanted nothing but to be pleased & satisfied while they are unfaithul,& now I’m currently dating this slender chick,very beatiful & she knows it,loves class but yet she doesnt have,I’m dumping her for my secret rush that I’m working with not slim but look she’s thick & it will be illegal to say shes slim or a model. But shes loving, nd she is caring, doing the same trade as I am,happy & she’s a go getter! She knows how to keep me happy & flip it what more would I want except marrying her if things keep well!

  59. David Trammell says:

    I know fat girls are the best. I married one and wouldn’t trade her for another. Other than the fact that I love her, she has everything I want and she also gets horny very easily.

  60. BBW/FATTLuvr says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE BBW FATT Women, I’m 54 Ive Had Sex with Dozons of Skinny Girls when I was Young, Then I Met a Pretty SEXXXXY BBW, I Married This Girl, The Sex was The Best I Ever Had, We’ve been Long Since Divorced, But I Was Hooked, I Have Since Then Never Sought out Another Skinny Woman, Only BBW FATT Women, I LOVE Them, Sooo Much More To Love, and They ARE The Best Lovers, Hands Down, Their Big Tits, Big Bellies, BIG THICK Thighs, BIGG Asses, Ohh Soo Much More to Love and Play With, Gotta Go, Call One of My BBW Lovers For Some Great Sex, I’m Sooo Horny Right Now

  61. Anon says:

    Ok, maybe you guys can help me out here. I’m 40, divorced, a size 18 (about 225, 5’1″) and I have a pretty face (always get told that). But on the dating sites I’m real. I say I’m full-figured or chubby, I give my height and I get very few responses other than “you’re very pretty – how chubby?” It’s so frustrating and makes me feel horrible.

    I do have a fantastic fuckboy. He’s chubby too. He loves my pussy and our lovemaking is the best I’ve ever had. His dick is phenomenal and our long cuddles after are the best – but he only sees me every 4-6 weeks and only late at night at my house. We quit fucking last year for a few months when he got a fit gf but I knew that wouldn’t work. I could tell she didn’t like him as much as he was enthralled with her. It hurt me, of course, that he would be so public with her but won’t ever take me out. I missed him though so I took him back after they broke up. Is there any chance he’ll ever want a real relationship with me?

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