So it was only a matter of time before 15 Things Good P*ssy Can Do had to be written, actually a year later after 15 Things Good D!ck Can Do. Within that year I’ve had some good p*ssy however there is also an alarming rate of wack box that inspired 6 Signs You Have Insecure P*ssy, a disease that is plaguing this great American country and even other places in the world. But f*ck it let us not focus on the negatives that suck the morale out of our bedrooms but rather on, 15 Things Good Pussy Can Do:

1. Have You Sending “I Left the Door Open for You” Texts
Every once and awhile your lady friend likes to hit the club with her girls. After a few drinks, numerous arm grabs, and ass shaking she gets out the club horny as f*ck. Who better to relinquish that p*ssy on other than you? But you couldn’t possibly stay up to 4am just waiting. We go to sleep so we don’t get tortured waiting on that wet after-the-club p*ssy.  So you got to “leave the door open”. No matter how dangerous your neighborhood is a guy will always leave his door open for some bomb p*ssy. I don’t care if he lived in Gotham City, he’s going to leave it open.

2. Sleeping However to Make Sure She’s Comfortable
She could be laying on your arm, yo sh*t fell asleep hours ago, but you know what? You not gone move a f*cking muscle that p*ssy so good, you don’t care how you sleep. She could take all the cover and all the pillows and you gone make that sh!t work. You don’t wanna wake her up, after she did such a great job. Man f*ck comfort!

3. You Can Go a Few Extra Rounds
Some women don’t think d!ck gets sore. But if you’ve been slanging that d!ck since 12am to 2am and three fat nuts later yo d!ck is done for. Sometimes you don’t even want to touch it afterwards. However, when the p*ssy is good, you disregard all the signs of chilling out. No worries though, you’ll suffer in the morning.

4. Have You Getting the Haircut She Likes Most on You
You’ve been getting the Ceasar since Junior High. One day you switched it up and copped a bald fade. She dug it, she was rubbing yo head all seductively before ya’ll started knocking boots. Now ever since she said something you’ve been copping the fade. That’s what good p*ssy will do to you, have you changing habits and sh!t.

5. Telling Yo Boys You Staying In
All the guys know what’s going down when you stop hitting the streets and the club up like you use to. Every time they hit you, you say “Naw bruh, I think Imma chill with shorty tonite. I’mma get up with ya’ll later.” Soon as ya boys get off the phone they’re like “this n!gga” and clown you for a good 5 mins. Funny thing is though, you give zero f*cks.

6. Have You on Trying to Find New Moves to Do

A woman with good p*ssy will have you wanting to step your d!ck game up. You surfing the web, looking at Kama Sutra, and even going back to your p0rn stash for sex move references. Good p*ssy will have you buck naked in the bed waiting on yo girl ready to do a new move, she can’t tell if you trying to f*ck or wrestle.

7. Make You Sing to Her(You Cant Even Sing)
After bussing a miraculous nut even the most hardened criminal become a lil goofy. Both of ya’ll will be booty naked running around the crib playing tag or singing and sh!t. Some good snappa will have a man acting like a child again.

8. Make You Consider Being Her Boyfriend
That wet wet will have you wanting to lock that down and make it official. You thought about it, because you’re not trying to have another guy double-dipping in that. You be alone contemplating being a committed man in sh!t in your dim ass living room.

9. Have You in the Gym
Last time you looked in the mirror you noticed that six-pack wasn’t sitting like it use to. Shorty will have you getting on that treadmill and benching your life away so you have to hear about Idris every damn day. Instead of eating Doritos you eating granola bars now, trying to get fit just for the bedroom.

10. Have You Tivo’ing Her Favorite Shows for When She Comes Over
When men want to keep something in their life they become all considerate and sh!t. Tivo’ing Love and Hip Hop, Scandal, and Single Ladies is a grown man move. You trying to get in there good and keep that cat stroked & tamed; I peep you playboy.

11. Have You Agreeing with Her When You Know She’s Wrong
Man you’re not trying to do anything that may jeopardize you getting some tonight. If she thinks Usher is better performer than Michael Jackson, you go with that. If she thinks Lil Scrappy will always be a better lyricist than Nas, you go with that. If she says Jordan could never guard Lebron, you roll with it. No matter what you’re slam-dunking tonight.

12. Have You Cooking(You Only Got 1 Go-To Dish Though)
What did you cook? Most likely it was chicken breasts and broccoli maybe it was asparagus(Benzino style). Every man has one go-to dish that they have perfected and please believe me they will use that sh!t when the time comes.

13. Make You Wanna Have Phone Sex
Man, you were too grown for phone sex about ten years ago. But when you hear her voice and she talking all nasty, you gotta whip your d!ck out. She’s either out of town or maybe you are, but you gone bus a nut regardless. She knows how to keep a man entertained even when she’s not physically there, sh!t she might be a keeper.

14. Spend His Last on Some Rubbers
You could have $13.78 in your account, but  if she hits you up you gone cop that $8 pack of Bareskins condoms and buy some MckieD’s for dinner that night. I know how the game goes. She’s probably got food at her house anyway, right. It’s not everyday that you get to bounce in some wet springy p*ssy. F*ck it, we just gone have to starve tonight.

15. Pulling Out Every 2 Minutes
Good p*ssy will have you pulling out, giving yourself pep talks, and stroking superslow just so you can hang. You know its good when you put your d!ck in and out of the stash like it tickles. How about when the p*ssy is so good you can’t look down at it, because if you do it’s a wrap.

What is some other stuff good p*ssy can make a man do? When was the last time you put it down on a man? How did he react afterwards? Suggest a blog topic and surf the site.

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35 Responses to 15 Things Good P*ssy Can Do

  1. Candi says:

    LLS!!! I swear you keep me rolling!!

    “How about when the p*ssy is so good you can’t look down at it, because if you do it’s a wrap.”

    All 15 right on point!!

  2. LMAO! wow..well..looks like I need to tighten up my game.

  3. Up4Dsn says:

    You a wild dude homie. This joint was on point though. Good stuff!

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW!! He left that door open toooooo lmao 😉

  5. @Anon8/1 I know damn well he did lol. I know these things.

  6. ENVY says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Then My Shyt Must Be Good…..It Keep U Coming Back

  8. Anonymous says:

    I know I must have good pussy because 13 out of 15 has happen to me. A for me. But I need to have a A+ and fine out what I’m doing wrong that I can’t get all 15

  9. Anonymous says:

    I def got the door open texts ..once I didn’t show up and he left his college apt and came to mine throwing pebbles at my window

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m the same girl from the cmnt above…and I agree with the other girl I got 12/15…gotta step it

  11. @Anon 12 out of 15 is 80% that’s some good good right there. lol

  12. globetracer says:

    lmao @ KARMA sutra. It should be called that. But it’s actually Kama Sutra. :)

  13. my BF has done all over the past 2 years! Coming off top as bestest ;))

  14. @Jazmine Renell sounds like you got that good good then

  15. DJLoki says:

    Had Me Dyin Over Here #RealTalk FWD To All The Homies

  16. LowkeyNeesh says:

    What does it mean when a man is in you and he stroking real slow but he often just stops and stay there in you for a few seconds. But does not pull out. Then starts to stroking again ?

  17. BEAUTIFUL says:


  18. tina trina says:

    mine would leave the door open overnight so that in the AM i can just walk in.. ( thats after i lost the key ) lmao. he would nut in me all the time i had to take PLAN B pills on the low like 9 times out of 6 months . haha. then he ended up punching my window after some guy called my phone and punching himself in the face so i had to leave. but damn LOL

  19. CognacQueen says:

    15/15 with different dudes at different points in my life. P*ssy so good he cried. Told me all he wanted was to be good to me. Fell asleep laid the edge of the bed… snoring minutes later. I call thst Pass out P*ssy. Undisputed Champion.

  20. tate says:

    desperate niggas got these hoes in these comments thinkin they got good pussy #HA

  21. Angela says:

    Everytime im having sex the guy starts shaking, moaning and saying, oh shit or damn omg….my pussy stays wet and is very juicy so the guy cums really fast….he always i got fire pussy and gives bomb ass head csuse he cant talkin the moment and becomes forgetful. I ride him like a chsmpion and squeezes my pelvis on his dick, drives him crazy, he says who this pussy for, is it mine pussy and not to give it to anybody else, after sex he sleeps like a baby…DOES THAT MEAN I GOT GOOD PUSSY!

  22. Bubu says:

    Pussy so good you have to pull out every two min that’s the story of my life !

  23. Bella says:

    Hell yeah to all 15. My f buddy is an atheist and I make him call out to a deity he doesn’t even believe in 😉

  24. gia says:

    my boyfriend always pulls out when he’s on top. closes his eyes bites his lips and says fuck..stops to kiss or suck on my tits…ask if I want my pussy ate and when I’m on top he ask for time out and moans it’s so sexy ! I love pleasing him

  25. DGB says:

    He fell asleep in last night..had me looking up at the ceiling and he began snoring it was becoming loud but it was music to my ears. Then he woke up re adjusted and started stroking again and fuckin the shit outta me like he wasnt just fast asleep lol

  26. Itsagem says:

    I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 2 years and I don’t want to show my bf my goods Bc of same as any girl, insecure down there. On your previous post I feel I fall under the #8! 😁☺️ So, almost everything mentioned above, my bf is currently doing for me! And I haven’t even given him the goods! I will say, I have been with a boy before who was with a lot of females and he told me that he was in love and that would most likely be the one moaning (he only fingered me) and he said man your pussy surely best. We never had sex but he didn’t mind my little hair and my #8 looking push 🙈 Even thru all this, I am still very self conscious Bc my current boyfriend watches lots porno! Help!

  27. Anonymous says:

    GP makes you want the side piece to be apart of the family… I’m talking about stay overs, and all… Hanging iut with me, wifey, and the kids… Shit is real!

  28. Shy says:

    I’m only #15… Facts

  29. nanoo says:

    My brother suggested I would possibly like this blog.
    He was once totally right. This publish truly made my day.
    You can not consider simply how a lot time I had spent for
    this information! Thank you!

  30. Candii Lurv says:

    If he has not put a ring on it after the 3rd time it ain’t that good. Married after 9 months and made him wait for it for 6 months. 2 fucks later will you marry me…yep. Not good pussy “QUEEN PUSSY”.

  31. Cajun Queen says:

    Too funny! #15 tho. I didn’t even know this was an indicator. I thought he was being dramatic with all that in an out. Now that I think about it, it did seem like he was givin himself pep talks along the way.😂😂

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