My inbox received one of the seemingly most simple questions a few days ago from a reader. However, the most simple questions can make you think of deeper meanings and other sh!t. So just check out the answer and the reasoning I came up with for the homegirl. 

What is the difference between a male nutting and experiencing orgasm?

Well they both happen so close in succession it almost seems simultaneous. The male experiences an orgasm right before and during the ejaculation(bussing a nut) period. However, I haven’t heard of any males having separate orgasms and ejaculations. Which is why it makes it hard for men to fake orgasms, even though we do(women aren’t the only ones). 

Your question did make me ponder the fact that males are such visual creatures, that if we didn’t see the ejaculant or cum during the moment of orgasm we wouldn’t enjoy them as much. The sight of seeing ourselves cum is not as great as the feeling, but a very close runner-up. Men must see their cum rather it is on a face, booty, torso, ankle, or even the bedroom floor to be completely gratified. Remember this the next time you make your man pop off. Which brings me to your next question…

How do you get a male to orgasm?
This question was so simple that I could answer it in four words, “Do What He Says”, but I’m not gone leave you hanging- I’ll elaborate. 

“Do What He Says” means listen to what he vocally says within your comfort zone and do what his body indicates. Often times us, as partners, hear what our partner is saying but brush it off. If you want to make a man bus, listen to that gibberish that he’s saying and follow his exact words; because believe me he’s not going to say some sh!t to help you not make him bus.

Do you agree with my theory about men and having to actually see their ejaculant? How do you make your man or a male orgasm? How fast have you ever made a man ejaculate/bus? How do you feel about my MackVice? 

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  1. I can’t get over the fact that you just told me men fake orgasms…wow; I had no clue…that’s f*cked up. Who the hell woulda thought. I can’t even comment on this one…men fake orgasms!? OMG…I hope no man ever faked one with me…the thought of that is insulting.

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