Lots of couples believe fighting is stressful and is a hindrance. Nobody wants to deal with the drama that b!cthing and bickering produces. Many do not see the positives in fighting, but there are a few good benefits from arguing and fighting. The main three reasons are that it shows you Love, Like, or at Least Interested in Your Partner, it is Cleansing/renewing to your relationship, and Angry sex will most likely be the best sex.

Love, Like, or at Least Interested
No one would waste their time fighting with a person they did not care for. To fight for or ‘gainst says that they (your partner) means something or at least the topic between you two does. Because “it’s mind over matter. Those that we don’t mind, don’t matter.

Cleansing/Renewing of Relationship
Fighting ultimately is a sign of the struggle for reconstuction or present coming to pass. Relationships where partners do not argue are usually bland and stagnant. Arguments are an emotional shedding process for the couples, most of the time fights end with some type of resolution, which either brings guy and girl closer to union or nearer to disunion. Fighting is the snake shedding its skin, leaving the worn and submerging with a bright, shiny renewed layer.

Hot Make-Up, Break Ya Sex
What is sexier than your partner fighting for a cause/issue they believe in wholeheartedly? Arguments reveal emotion and produce commotion, which is synonymous with sex. Plenty of times motherf^ckas have transformed in to f^ck me’s. Take my advice on this. It is not that I advocate fighting to ignite your sex, but sh!t happens and people lose their tempers at times and we make up.

Fighting is Loving, because it is apart of love yet it is not the main part. If a person doesn’t bring or give to you as much as they take than you know it’s time to leave. Love is not always meant to be easy, but it should worth it.

Describe one of your heated break-up to make-up moments, when mothaf^ckas turn to f^ck me’s…

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